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We buy rental properties in Detroit, restore them, screen and place tenants, and sell these turnkey rentals to investors like you! Through using state of the art turnkey technologies, Detroit Investment Deals is able to connect property owners with the nation’s best turnkey property managers

We take pride in the Detroit community and have been dealing in the Detroit real estate market for over 40 years. After recognizing the city of Detroit’s real estate potential we saw the opportunity to create these properties into turnkey investments with an ever-growing Detroit economy. The Deals In Detroit team has rehabbed and sold over 1,000 properties with a happy resident in each home. Check out some of our work and available properties now, and contact us for consultation call today.

Local Company

We are very familiar with the area as opposed to other companies that sell Detroit rental properties. We live, work and play in Detroit and we are proud to call the Motor City our home too.

Smooth Process

We created a streamlined process for investors so that the entire purchase process is smooth and easy to understand. Call us today to start with the experts. 


Great Connections

We work with great contractors and developers to make sure each project is completed to our high standards. We guarantee your turnkey will come out on top.


Satisfaction Guarantee

Investing in turnkey properties can be daunting, but we stand by our products with 100% confidence. What are you waiting for?



We are very strict on the tenant placement to make sure we have the best candidates in our properties for rent to be paid. Our property management services set you up for success! 


We are the Actual Seller

With Deals In Detroit, there are no middle men involved so you work directly with us as the seller. We stay with you throughout your entire turnkey rental journey!

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